I’m the kind of guy who champions information. Both Clint and Lisa are good good people but friends become friends by their caring. This is a place where care was indubitably expressed. The initial expression was through the delivery of information: what my deficits were, what treatment would be beneficial and the hazards of going without treatment. I have witnessed the correlation of hearing loss and dementia and recognized the onset within myself; but with my hearing aids, their precise tuning, and consistent maintenance, I am once again engaged in the richness of life afforded to those with full hearing. The treatment isn’t perfect. The closest thing to perfection would be to roll time back forty years and make me twenty-four again. Now, as it is with treatment, I can hear the crickets chirp again. I can hear the birds sing again. In conversation I can make out the difference between the sound of “s” and “f”. Oh, I can also hear the clanking of dishes and silverware again; and yes, sometimes that’s annoying, but that’s what a volume control is for. All of this is information that was fading from my cognition. I have friends at Pacific Coast Hearing.
Evan Wise, on Google
The service at Pacific Coast Hearing is the best. Clint and Lisa are always ready to address my hearing issues, even when I just drop in without an appointment. I have dealt with several audiologist services over the years and Pacific Coast is right at the top of the list.
Steve Rigg, on Google
Clint and Lisa are wonderful. They work hard to ensure you get the best of what you need to improve your hearing.
David Dornaus, on Google
Purchased hearing aids which are great. Did not need TV assition as hearing aids have choices which resolved problem with TV. Very good staff work and friendly.service. Keeps to appointment time also.
James B, on Google
was very pleased with all the services. hearing aids cleaned and readjusted for my hearing, do not have to turn them down now. enjoyed my visit with Clint and the Dr.looking forward to seeing them again in about 3 months. thank you for your services
David Waagan, on Google

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