Lisa was very friendly and answered all my questions and had good advice on how to put in and take off masks so they don’t upset the apple cart! And Linda made sure everything was ok with my iPhone settings and everything in general. She’s great!
Amy Baird, on Google
I'm not sure what I expected, but everything I experienced at the Pacific Coast Hearing Center was a very pleasurable surprise! What brought me there was a pending appointment with an ENT; an Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor, which is no doubt what brings most people there. The Audiologist was friendly, very likeable, extremely professional, and she put me at ease immediately. That doesn't happen very often because I have an innate distrust of doctors, although I really can't justify that with anything I'd call a "horror story." My years of military service and combat (fire fights) were not kind to my hearing, but remarkably enough, the good doctor informed me that my hearing WASN'T totally shot! That surprised me! I was favorably impressed with every aspect of the Pacific Coast Hearing Center, and I highly recommend them should you find yourself in need of their services.
AL S., on Google
Very nice people. Great service, lots of options. Very accommodating Highly Recommen
Terry Hayes, on Google
My recent experience with Pacific Coast Hearing was excellent. The audiologist, Karen, was professional and helpful. She offered choices and explained how the devices differed. I am satisfied with my purchase and would recommend PCH and this audiologist to a friend.
Lelah Van Hoek, on Google

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